Thursday, January 28, 2016

WyldLife Pets Product Review

     Hi everyone!  Today is a pretty exciting day for me.  I completed my very first product review video.  It's been quite the roller coaster ride and my husband had to convince me that I would not feel better if I threw my computer through the bay window in our living room.  I'm glad I finished the review and decided that I would share it with everyone here.  (I'm also glad that I kept my computer in tact.)

     First, let me tell you about WyldLife Pets.  They are a small company that is selling chew treats for dogs on Amazon.  Matt Baugh is one of the Co-Founders and he and I met when he offered me the opportunity to review his products.  I always like to give my business to the little guys whenever I can, but I especially like to do this for the companies that take exceptionally good care of their customers.  WyldLife Pets is one of those companies.  And Matt has been an absolute delight to work with. It doesn't hurt things that they are selling a terrific product. 

     If you have a dog, you have probably purchased a large assortment of chewy treats searching for the best product for him or her.  I know I have.  There are pros and cons to all of the different chews on the market and I found myself settling for different things that met "a lot" of my needs in dog chews.  Some were cheaper, some were healthier, some lasted longer, and some didn't smell bad, but none were quite right. 

     That brings us to WyldLife Pets Bully Sticks & Beef Tendons Combo Pack.  This product has been fantastic.  It's perfectly healthy to give to your dog.  The odor is a natural beefy scent that doesn't get overwhelming or obnoxious when your dog is really going to town with his chewing.  I haven't had any problems at all with it upsetting my dog's tummy.  This has been a serious problem for us in the past.  (Yes, I'm talking about rawhide chews.)

     But the best feature of all is how long these chews last in comparison with their price.  I have found that it takes my dog about 2 hours to chew through one bully stick.  It takes him an average of 1 hour to chew through each beef tendon.  Those are long lasting chews.  And with the beef tendon, my dog was so exhausted after chewing one for an hour that he napped for the rest of the afternoon.  He was too content and too tired to even think about causing any kind of trouble. 

     Now, let's do the math.  If I purchase the 15 pack of chews for $29.95, I get 8 bully sticks and 7 beef tendons.  That gives my dog 23 hours of chewing, which breaks down to only $1.30 per hour cost for these treats.  You can't beat that price with a bully stick! 

     Of course, I have to tell you that I got my first bag at a serious discount in exchange for writing an Amazon review of the product.  However, making a product review video and a blog post was not part of the deal.  I'm sharing this information because I love the product that much.  And so does Capone!  Take a moment to watch our review video.  I'm new to this and still learning to edit video, but who cares when there's a cute puppy chasing a chewy around the room, right?  Enjoy!

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