Tuesday, January 26, 2016

25 Projects to Knit or Crochet for Valentine's Day

     Valentine's Day is three weeks away.  That's just enough time to whip up some terrific Valentine items.  Whether you knit or crochet, you will find some great projects on the list.  There are mittens, hats, small stuffed animals, and a few other odds n ends.  All of the patterns are found on Ravelry and all of them are free.  You will need to set up an account, if you don't already have one, but that's free too.

Cupid's Cloche - A cute crochet hat by Lorene Haythorn
Java Love - A knitted cup cozy by Diane Pearl Kostecki
Heart Mittens - Lovely two colored knitted mittens with a heart pattern by Pitsia ja palmikoita
Dead Heart - A knitted beanie hat with skulls and hearts.  Would make a great gift for that hard to please teenager.  By Corrvin Smith
Candy Hearts Coaster - A simple crochet coaster with a heart in the center and a matching ruffle edge.  These would be a quick project to set about the house and make things feel more festive.  By Doni Speigle Designs Ravelry Store
Keep Me Searching For a Heart of Gold - Lovely knitted Valentine socks by Melanie Starke
Circle of Love Afghan - A gorgeous heart themed, crocheted, round afghan by Tamara Kelly
Hot Chocolate Amigurumi - How about an adorable crocheted cup of hot chocolate with a cookie and marshmallows.  I know so many young children who would love this set by Amigurumi Food.
Valentino - We don't want to forget our furry friends with this adorable knitted heart themed dog sweater by Drops Design.
Happy Hearts Afghan WT1659 - Another lovely crocheted heart themed afghan.  This one is worked in small squares that are assembled into an afghan. by Alison Grenier
The Heart of the Mitten - Knitted mittens with a heart pattern, but this one has a row of larger hearts running down the center instead of small ones scattered around.  by Drops Design
Knitted Barbie Valentines Hearts Dress Pattern - This adorable knitted doll dress with hearts will be a big hit for anyone in your life who is a fan of Barbie.  By AllCrafts
Ruby's Valentine Doily - I remember my great grandmother's house had doilies on just about every surface.  I still appreciate the old fashioned beauty of a hand crocheted doily sometimes.  This lovely red and white ruffled doily would bring a little Valentine's festivity to a side table.  By Elizabeth Ann White.
Love-A-Saurus Dino Hat - Any young child would look just adorable in this dinosaur hat.  It can also be crocheted in other colors to wear any time of the year. By Too Yarn Cute  
Granny's Valentine Bag - A small bag to carry things is always nice.  This one uses a basic granny square motif and Valentine colors to bring together an adorable little bag that could have numerous uses.  By Ana Clerc
Be My Valentine - Knitted socks with a Valentine theme.  Instead of colorwork, these socks are made using cable stitches, ribbing, and twisted stitches to form a beautiful heart motif running up the center of the sock.  By Sharon Bird
Be My Valentine Throw - This red and white throw by Roseanna Beck is smaller than the others I have listed.  Just crochet and snuggle underneath with your sweetheart.
Mini Valentine's Day Puppy - Children love to be a part of Valentine's Day, too.  How about an adorable little white puppy with pink or red heart accents?  This crochet puppy should come together fairly quickly and make any child happy.  By Melissa's Crochet Patterns
My Slouchy Valentine - A stylish slouchy hat by Michelle Ransome, this knitted hat will make anyone look quite festive.
Happy Valentine's Day Hat  - There are so many different styles of hat that I had to include an assortment.  This one is a fitted crochet hat.  The original design uses a lovely variegated yarn for the main color.  By Amy O'Neill Houck
Valentine Heart Scarf - This crochet scarf got my attention because of the creative use of the bobble stitches to make the heart design.  It is a attractive and subtle design that could actually be worn all winter.  By Bernat Design Studio
Valentine's Kitty Hat - If the dinosaur hat wasn't ideal for your child, perhaps a kitty hat would be more to their liking.  I'm just crazy about this little hat and the curled design on the straps add a beautiful element.  Crochet design by Teri Heathcote
Valentine's Tablecloth - If you want to go all out for your Valentine's decorations, may I suggest a beautiful, hand crocheted tablecloth.  I don't normally put so much work into a project like this, but I must admit that I would love to see it on my table for a couple weeks out of the year. by Bernat Design Studio
Valentine's Mittens - The last set of mittens I have chosen are designed by Elisabeth Sliney Marino.  These are also a knitted pair, but this design has closed hearts, a chain pattern around the wrist and then stripes leading to the edge.  They are a bit less girly than the other pairs that I have listed, but still have plenty of Valentine's Oomf.
0-611 Head Over Heels for You - The final pattern on my list is a pair of knitted socks that have been waiting around in my favorites folder on Ravelry for over a year now.  These are available by Drops Design.  They have a large assortment of heart designs, color reversals, stripes, and other interesting design elements. 

     I have decided that it's time to get knitting.  I'm going to make the Head Over Heels Socks.  How about you?  Are you up to the challenge?  I'll bet there's someone special in your life who would really appreciate a handmade gift this Valentines. 

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