Monday, January 4, 2016

Why The New Year Isn't About New Year's Resolutions

     The beginning of a new year is a wonderful thing.  In a way, it is similar to when we turn to Jesus.  Because he died on the cross for us, when we repent of our sins and ask forgiveness, we are given a clean slate.  We become perfect in God's eyes, free from any blemish.  Each year, when January 1 rolls around, people see another type of clean slate.  It's not a religious thing.  It's just human nature to appreciate the opportunity that a fresh start affords us.  And a new year is a type of fresh start.

     It's a beautiful thing that I hate to see cheapened by lame resolutions.  We promise to do the same things that we promised to do last year.  Most people didn't follow through on them in the past, and they won't follow through on them again this year. And by the end of the month what started out as a clean slate has been spoiled because we failed to do what we resolved to do on January 1.  So, we move through the next 11 months waiting for that opportunity to return.

     I am excited to begin a new year with a fresh, blank planner book.  I'm looking forward to all of the amazing changes that I'm going to continue making in my house this year.  And I'll just bet that if you look at your own life, you will see the same thing.  There is something you have done that is making you feel really fantastic.  It doesn't have to be moving a mountain.  Maybe you just changed your diet a bit, or you started an organization project in your garage.  Whatever it is, you have a beautiful, fresh new year to keep it going.  Just think.  If you accomplished that much last year, how much can you accomplish this year?  Let's all keep going together!

     Instead of making resolutions, let's make plans!  Instead of filling January with drastic changes that aren't likely to stick around, let's fill the entire year with small goals that will ensure that on December 31 we will see a grand year of progress in our lives!  Are you ready to get started?  Let's go!  Make plans!  Set goals!  Be specific!  But, most importantly, remember that you are starting out with a fresh New Year!  Make the most of the entire year, not just the first few weeks.

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