Monday, December 28, 2015

Spot Deals Like a Pro!

     So, you've been wondering about the various badges down the side of my blog, right?  What are all of these fascinating places that I love enough to place badges on my page?  Well, let me tell you... these are places where I save money and earn rewards.  Common Sense Housekeepers all know that one of the most important things we do is to save our family money!  And I plan to focus more on saving money and earning rewards in the coming year.

     The easiest and most reliable way to save money is to have friends who share all the great deals that they find.  So, our first stop is a fabulous site where tons of terrific people gather to share all of the best deals they find with each other.  Dealspotr!  There are so many ways to save and earn at it's amazing.  I hardly know where to start.

     First, check out the deals!  People constantly post terrific deals on this site.  There is everything from coupon codes to storewide sales to category sales.  Some people even find awesome savings on an item and post it here to let everyone know.  Before shopping, you can always stop at dealspotr and see if there are savings to be had at the website you are about to visit.  Lots of deals work in store too!

Screenshot of deals at

     But there is so much more to this website than just finding great deals.  Don't forget about the great people!  When you notice that someone on the site always seems to post great deals from stores that you like, just add them to your follow list and you will easily be able to see all the deals they post.  Plus, everyone is super friendly and helpful.  I just love when someone posts a terrific tip about how to maximize my savings in the comments below a deal.

     What's really neat about dealspotr is that while you are searching for great deals to save yourself money, you can also earn Karma points that will earn you free gift cards to Amazon.  I have already earned two gift cards and I'm here to tell you that it is super easy to do.  If you like sharing deals that you find with other people, you will be racking up the Karma points in no time.

     Give this site a chance and see if you aren't saving money and earning gift cards speedy quick.  In fact, click through my referral link here (Dealspotr Sign Up) and you will start off with an extra 200 Karma right from the very beginning.  In case you were wondering, you will get your own referral link once you are a member.  And we all know what that means... you can offer your own friends bonus Karma for signing up, plus get an extra little Karma bonus for yourself, too.  This site is really a win / win for everyone involved.  Go check it out ASAP.  Who knows what's on sale right now!

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