Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What's a Well Kept House Without a Well Loved Family?

     My last blog post was about making room amid all of my plans for the things that God has planned for me.  Since that post, I have spent much of my time dealing with some health issues in my husband's life, some sudden changes in my son's homeschool plan, and some general crises in our lives.  I suppose maybe that was the Lord's way of putting an exclamation point on my last post.  Whatever the reason for these developments, my attention has been drawn very strongly to my family right now and I wanted to share a little bit of what I have been thinking.

     I feel a great need to shout to the world how lucky I am to have such a terrific husband who I love and who loves me too.  You know, there have been a number of controversial statements made during the last couple of years on the subject of an ideal wife.  There have been loads of offended people admonishing these statements on the internet.  I seem to recall something about a man listing foot massages from a woman being highly desirable.  And the outrage ensued.  Well, after facing new concerns regarding my husband's well-being, and finding myself incredibly grateful to be told that there's no reason I shouldn't get to keep him with me for a long time to come, I feel a need to be a better wife.

     There is a lesson in the Bible that is popular among believers and non-believers alike.  Luke 6:31(NIV) says "Do to others as you would have them do to you."  The first person that comes to mind when I hear this is my husband. So, while lots of people are outraged at the suggestion that giving their husband a foot massage would make them a better wife, let me ask you this question...  Would you enjoy being surprised with a foot massage after a long day on your feet?  I certainly would.  So, why shouldn't our husbands feel that same way?

     Right now I would like to find some extra ways to show my husband how much I love and appreciate him.  Wouldn't you?  If your answer is no because he has done something to displease you and you aren't feeling especially generous towards him at the moment, consider this - maybe if you show him how much you love and appreciate him, he will be encouraged to do the same.

     I feel like housekeeping isn't worth much without a loving family with which to share it. If the people in the house don't feel loved, then who cares how clean and tidy the place is.  So, how about we take the most basic of common sense steps and take a moment to show the people who share our home with us how much we love them and how happy we are to have them with us.

     During the next couple of weeks, I would like to share some ideas for Valentine's Day.  Maybe we can make some plans together for ways to surprise our loved ones.  I'm starting early.  I'm going to tell my husband how happy I am to have him.  Maybe I'll even give him one of those dreaded foot massages that offend so many people.  Who knows where that might lead...  Right?

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