Monday, November 30, 2015

My Dollar Store Real Christmas Wreath

     We bought our Christmas tree this weekend and when my husband was finished trimming the branches he didn't want, I started to wonder if I could use those trimmings to make a Christmas wreath.  I figured it was worth a try and so I headed to the Dollar Store.  (Don't you just love that place?)

     First, I needed a metal wreath ring.  That was easy to find, and it was a terrific size.  I already had some thin hemp twine in my craft supplies, so I figured I would use that.  I realize that florists wire will be easier, but I opt for the twine because after Christmas I can cut the trimmings off and save the frame for next year.  So, I start by tying my trimmings on the frame, working my way around with each bunch covering the bottom of the last bunch.

The trimmings are being tied to the frame.

     Once the trimmings have all been attached, I can bring out the decorations I found.  I got a package of LED battery operated lights, bows, small red and gold jingle bells, and an over the door hanger the put my wreath up.  My total cost for the project was $5.  Not too shabby considering wreaths tend to sell at the craft stores for $30+ (and they don't smell so lovely).  I went to work decorating my wreath.  Unfortunately, the jingle bells that I thought were individual ornaments were a string of them.  No problem.  I just cut them apart and found creative ways to tie them onto the wreath.

My Dollar Store Supplies ready to decorate my wreath.

     Finally I hung my wreath and admired my work.  If you prefer a more even look, it's super easy to trim the greenery around the edges.  I prefer the more uneven, natural look myself.  Whichever way you make your wreath, I'm sure you will be as thrilled as I am with the results.   And I'll bet not a single person in the neighborhood would guess it was a Dollar Store craft!

My finished wreath hanging on the door.

     After my wreath was done, I had leftover trimmings that I decided to add to my table centerpiece.  My usual centerpiece is an ordinary vase filled with mixed nuts.  Rather than store it in the closet during the holidays, I decided to turn it into a Christmas centerpiece.  I purchased a box of large red jingle bells at the Dollar Store.  Next, I emptied the nuts out of my vase and refilled it, strategically placing the red jingle bells in with the nuts.  Surround it with my leftover tree trimmings, add a few more small jingle bells, some lights and Voila!  My Christmas centerpiece for the dining room table.  It's a $3 spruce up to my regular table. 

My Christmas Centerpiece

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