Friday, November 6, 2015

Food Planner App

     All my talk about simplifying my life included being organized.  I wanted to share a quick app that I absolutely love.  It is one of my two favorite apps for keeping my house and family organized.  It's Food Planner App.  Pretty straight forward, huh?    It's available on both android and iphone. 

     Your first step is to load all of your recipes into the app.  You can import your recipes from just about anywhere on the internet, or you can add your own recipes.  After you have a few recipes to choose from, you start planning your menu.  You can plan a day, a week, or more.  It's totally up to you.

     My plan for this app is to first go on my monthly clearance meat shopping trip.  After I take my meat home and re-package it for the freezer, I start using Food Planner.  I put meals using the meat I just bought into the calendar and then start filling in the blanks with what else I want to cook.  Before I know it, my menus are planned for the coming month.  It takes away so much pressure when my family asks "what's for dinner tonight?"  I no longer have that panicked feeling where my mind races quickly through my freezer inventory and recipe book.

This is the bottom of my home screen.  You can see in an instant what my plan is for tonight and tomorrow.

     There are a ton of great features on this app.  A widget is available that shows what you have planned for today and tomorrow.  My family knows they can pick up my tablet anytime and tonight's dinner is listed right there on the main screen.  You can actually purchase pre-made meal plans that give you everything you need including the recipes.  Just tell it to add to your week that you are planning.  Create a grocery list from this program.  Access everything online.  This is all available on the free version of the app!  I haven't upgraded to pro yet, but have been thinking about it.  The pro version is ad free, it allows you to create family groups so that you can sync the information across family member's devices, and it also allows you to sync with Google calendar.

     Give it a try!  That feeling I get everyday that I don't stress out deciding what I am cooking for dinner is amazing.  It definitely adds to the peace and happiness I am searching for in life.  Enjoy!

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