Friday, December 4, 2015

Mary, Martha and Elaine

     Sometimes there is a great book that comes into your life from an unexpected place and it just speaks to you.  I love when this happens to me, and I especially love when it happens with a book that has to do with Jesus. 

     Over the summer, I came across Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, by Joanna Weaver.  It was a wonderful read.  I learned a lot and I'm sure I will read it more than once.  It was one of those books that spoke to me.

This picture comes from website where they did a review of the book.
     When I was only a few chapters into the book, I recommended it to a friend of mine and she purchased a copy almost immediately.  Truth be told, because she isn't much for online purchases, Elaine visited multiple stores in her town searching for a copy of this book.  And then it sat, unread, for months.  We talked about it numerous times and she was always looking for a chance to start reading, but that chance never seemed to come for her. 

     Since this summer, she moved, and dealt with numerous other large personal distractions in her life.  All the while, this book stayed in the top of the moving box, on her dresser, in the living room - everywhere within her sight because she hoped to find the time to start reading it.  She even told another friend of ours all about the book after church one Sunday.  The pastor's sermon had included the famous story of Martha and Mary from Luke 10:38-42.  She promised to loan the book to this friend as soon as she finished reading it herself.  Of course, she needed to start.  And that was months ago.

     Last week, Elaine was praying.  She mentioned to God how much she wanted to read this book and how distressed she was that she just couldn't seem to fit it into her life anywhere.  She promised to start the book over the weekend - and failed.  Then, on Monday, she took the book to work with her for the first time since she had purchased it so many months ago.  Her intention was to read during her lunch hour.  Unfortunately, she was called away to deal with other issues, and again, failed to start reading the book.

     At 3:18pm, the computer system in her office crashed.  The internet went down and all work came to a screeching halt.  Nothing could be accomplished and all of the employees were left sitting at their desks shuffling files and staring blankly at each other.  That was when Elaine remembered the book that was waiting in her bag.  She pulled the book out and began to read.  As she finished reading the last sentence of the first chapter, the computers in her office miraculously sprang to life and everyone was able to return to work.

     My friend called me that same evening and shared this story with me.  She was amazed at how the Lord had responded to her prayers about her desire to read this book.  It's amazing what he will do to help us if we simply ask him.  As we have spoken this week, Elaine has continued reading the book.  All it took was that first chapter and now she makes the time in her life.  She loves the book.  She feels inspired by it.  And she feels a personal connection to it because God himself helped her to make this book a part of her life.

     Her story inspired me.  I always love to hear about the small ways that the Lord works in our lives.  Too many people dismiss the gifts that he brings to us because they are busy waiting for the parting of the Red Sea or some other spectacular show.  Jesus didn't come to put on a show for us.  His miracles weren't meant to entertain us.  They were meant to help us and to bring us to him.  And his small miracles - like a brief computer outage at exactly the right moment - will have the same effect in your life.  All you have to do is ask him.  God loves you and he loves to be there for you.  Give him the chance to show you.

     If you are interested in the book that inspired all of this fuss, below is a link to it via my Amazon Associate account.  Please check it out.  It is a wonderful book.  You can even find it in your local book store like my friend did.  God bless you.

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