Friday, February 26, 2016

Damsel in Defense

     I was raised in a family with a history of military service and law enforcement.  Because of this, I grew up being constantly reminded about being aware of my surroundings and ways to protect myself - right down to code words to be used in emergency situations.  Self defense is an important skill that I believe everyone should learn.  There are also wonderful products on the market to help people protect themselves, and especially level the playing field for a woman who may be attacked by a man who is much larger and stronger than she.

Get a Grip - Stun Gun 
     Damsel in Defense is a Christian company that is selling self defense products designed for women.  You can find these products at Kari Donovan's affiliate website.  She joined this business because she wanted to help women learn how to defend themselves and their children from violent crime.  After a friend told her of how her teenage daughter was attacked by a man in a locker room, she decided to encourage women to work with their children and teach them about self defense.  She is working with people using the motto "Don't be scared.  Be prepared."

Pouch O Pepper
     Kari's favorite products are the Conceal Kari purse ($75),  Get a Grip-Stun Gun ($65), Pouch O Pepper ($15), and Holla alarms  ($15).  The Stun gun fits perfectly in the hand and comes in 5 colors, making it appear non-threatening to an attacker.   The high power flashlight is a terrific added feature to this stun gun.  The pepper spray is the strongest on the market and can disable an attacker for upwards of 30 minutes - more than sufficient time for escape.  Did you know that women have fought off rapists with pepper spray alone?  The purse is a big roomy bag with many pockets.  It is great for all of the levels of self defense tools a woman needs.  And the alarm is a wonderful tool that can be given to children so that they may roam from their parents, but be clearly heard in case of an emergency.  It's attached to a key chain for easy access.

Conceal Kari Purse
     A violent crime happens every 26 seconds.  One in five women are survivors of rape.  And a child is abducted every 40 seconds.  Protecting yourself and your children is always a good thing.  Visit Kari's affiliate page here to purchase products, arrange to host a product party, or just to contact her to ask more about her products.

     Whatever you do, talk to your children about how to stay safe.  And if you aren't sure what to do, find out.

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