Monday, February 22, 2016

Electronic Armor

     Raise your hand if you have never dropped your smartphone or tablet before.  Okay... the one guy over in the corner by himself with his hand up can just stop reading right now.  Obviously you have some sort of magical magnetic ability that keeps your electronic devices in your hand rather than on the ground where the rest of us sometimes find ours.  For those of us who have dropped our devices, broken the glass screens, and just generally had bad luck beating up the very things that have become our life-lines to the world - we need to check this out.

     The product that I am actually reviewing is the Bastex Dual Layer Hybrid Full-Body Protective Case, which was designed for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite (7").  However, you should know that this type of case is available for many tablets on the market.  If you have a different tablet and are interested in this type of case, I recommend going to Amazon and searching "tablet case dual layer".  I'm sure you can find the equivalent case for your own tablet.  There are even protectors of this type available for smartphones.

     So, why is this case so fantastic?  Because it can survive the abuse of a teenage boy and bring the tablet through without so much as a scratch or a ding.  The only harsher test I can think of for a protective case would be to take it outside and run it over with the car.  With that said, I can assure you that this model has been through intensive abuse.

     My son had this exact model of tablet protector for two years.  He dragged it to school, and sleepovers for months.  Then, when he transitioned to homeschool, the tablet's use more than doubled.  During the two years that he has had this case, the only thing that broke was the kickstand on the back.  That part isn't as sturdy as I would like for it to be.  But even with that part broken, my son got great use out of the protector.

     Now, I have received the opportunity to receive a new case for his tablet to review.  I was amazed when I removed my son's tablet from the old one.  I wiped it down and it looked brand new.  There wasn't the slightest ding to be found.  I placed the new case on his tablet and we are set to go.  My son is thrilled to have the new case and to be able to stand it up on his desk again for projects.  He promises to be more careful with the stand this time.  Whatever happens with that, I have to say that I sleep better at night knowing that I'm not going to be replacing a broken tablet anytime soon.

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