Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Recipe Page

     I just added a new page to the blog - Recipes!  Anytime you see a blog post that includes a recipe, you will be able to come back and find the recipe quickly and easily on the 'Recipes' page of the blog.  I will post links on that page directly to any recipes that are posted on the blog.  These links will take you directly to the recipe itself instead of the actual post.  I hope it will make it easier for everyone to find any recipes that they may want to try.  And don't worry... as the page grows I will make sure that it gets organized in an easy to navigate layout.

     I also want you to know that I am dying to share your recipes!  Do you have a blog of your own where you post recipes?  Or perhaps you just have a favorite that you found on a website and think everyone should know about it.  Terrific!  Simply contact me about your favorite recipe and let's see if we can add it to the blog - with all of the appropriate credit and links.  I plan to highlight a new recipe every week.  It might as well be yours, right?  Let's work together to build an amazing resource list of fantastic recipes that don't fill us with overly preserved, pre-packaged foods.

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