Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bark Outfitters Pet Tent

     Everyone enjoys being outside in the fresh air and sunshine sometimes, right?  That is true for our small pets, too.  But we can’t always keep them safe the way we would like.  It’s great to have a fenced yard, but life doesn’t always work out that way.  Then, there are some pets who love to be outside, but even a fenced yard doesn’t help – like my bearded dragons.

     Bark Outfitters came up with a terrific solution.  How about a pet tent?  I have a terrific tent that is made of mesh that allows plenty of fresh air and sunshine to get in.  It’s almost like a screened in porch for your small pet.  This pop up tent is 83” x 40”.  Not large enough for a rousing game of fetch, but plenty big enough to allow your cat, small dog, or other small pet some quality time outdoors.  You can attach the included sunshade to the top or leave it off to let a pet enjoy the sun more.

     This pet tent was actually designed for cats and small dogs, but I want to bring this to the attention of other small pet owners out there.  We have bearded dragons in my house.  They need special lighting and temperatures maintained in their vivariums in order to keep them healthy.  One of the most important lighting requirements is UV light.  Although we are able to purchase special bulbs to provide for our pet’s needs, the effects of real sunshine are amazing and bearded dragons love to get time in it.  Unfortunately, with predatory birds as well as various insects that they shouldn’t be eating, it can be difficult for some bearded dragon owners to give their scaly friends the outdoor time like they want. 

     City pets and country pets both love time outdoors.  Depending on your situation, this might be just the way to give them what they want.  I know Fluffy is bright and happy now that she’s getting regular sun time again.  Who knows what kind of benefits your pet may enjoy from spending time outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

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