Wednesday, September 9, 2015

We Are Not Stupid!

                I can’t be the only person who is sick and tired of being talked down to by the “experts” and so I think this is a perfect place to start this blog.  This morning I turned on my television and opened the news menu on my Roku.  I like to peruse headlines.  It has become a diversion for me because the headlines seem to get more absurd with every passing day.   Today we passed absurd and flew into the realm of downright ridiculous and insulting.

Screenshot captured from AOL On app
  • Finn: How Should NFL Fans View the Pats? (Sports)
  • You’ve Been Hula Hooping Wrong Your Entire Childhood (Lifestyle) 
  •  Learn How to Boil Water From a Pro (Lifestyle)

I will happily admit that these headlines don’t come from the Top Stories or Business section.  That does not, however, change my point.  And my point is We Are Not Stupid!

First of all, let me say that we do not need anyone to tell us how we SHOULD view anything.  God blessed each and every one of us with a brain and common sense.  We are perfectly capable of thinking for ourselves and deciding for ourselves what we think about something.  I should view the Patriots however my personal opinions and moral compass tell me to view them – not how some guy named Finn says I should view them.  And so should you.  

Next on this list is hula hooping – something I haven’t done in many years, but I can guarantee you that I was doing it right.  How do I know that?  Because I was having fun.  And I was laughing.  And my friends were having fun and laughing with me.  Simple.  Who cares if some “expert” has figured out the optimally scientific way to move the hula hoop just right?  Not me.  And if you do care, why?  I mean, seriously…  Isn’t there anything left in the world that we can just enjoy without analyzing it and being told by some know-it-all that we are doing it wrong?  

And speaking of doing something wrong – weren’t you just dying to have a “pro” explain to you the best way to boil water?  Not just that, but explain it in a video that is two minutes and fifty one seconds long.  Yes.  Two minutes and fifty one seconds to teach you “Get the water hot!”  

In the interest of full disclosure, let me say that I did not watch these videos.  Then again, that is kind of my point.  We don’t need to watch these videos.  We don’t need to be told these things.  What we need to do is think for ourselves and use our common sense.  Stop letting other people tell us that we are doing everything wrong.  Stop letting other people tell us what to feel and think.  Stop letting other people convince us that they have some magical answer to every minute detail of our lives.  Start living our lives instead.

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  1. I expect one day that you will teach me to boil water professionally so that I may compete in this Olympic event...that exists right?

    Your points are spot on! I've often said that programmers are going to become the "controllers of the world" as everyone relies on them for everything from spelling to directions to checking our balance as opposed to the old school method of keeping track...dangerous.

    Of course, when you go against the grain of what they are showing you, you are an outcast. People will treat you like some sort of moron.

    Don't get me started...